Why Choose KellyBoy Building Maintenance?

KellyBoy Maintenance Inc. has over 36 years experience in full service building maintenance. We currently service over 60 buildings in commercial and strata complexes throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Our goal is to keep the residents happy, and make the Property Managers life easier by being his eyes and ears at each property.

Our buildings are maintained in pristine condition, and we guarantee prompt action to resolve any issues that may arise.

Complete Care-taking and Building Maintenance:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Off Site Care-taking
  • On-site Care-taking
  • Move-ins & Move-outs
  • Snow Removal
  • Junk Removal
  • Security System Maintenance
  • Building Access Programing
  • Electrical Construction
  • Building Wash (Soft-tech Wash)
  • Hot and Cold Power-washing
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KellyBoy Signature Services

Janitorial Services

The janitorial and cleaning services we provide cover every inch of a building. The cleanliness of the lobby, elevators, hallways, baseboards, light fixtures, stairwells, parking garage, storage lockers, garbage rooms, utility rooms, roof, and building perimeter is meticulously preserved by our staff. The exterior of a building is also maintained by services such as painting, building was (Soft-tech Wash), pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

Complete Care-Taking

Our Field Manager oversees the Off-site and On-site Care-taking of all buildings. All of our caretakers use wireless mobile technology to communicate effectively with property managers, trades, our staff, and most importantly, the residents. The Field Manager provides regular e-reports to property managers and strata councils to keep them informed of building issues that need their attention.

The majority of our services are provided through off-site care-taking. However, our on-site caretakers have outstanding reputations and some of their existing responsibilities include: scheduling move-ins and outs of buildings, providing residents with programming access, and dealing with tradespersons for access and scheduling.

Snow Removal

KellyBoy Maintenance is prepared for all levels of snowstorms. To ensure the snow is thoroughly removed we are equipped with trucks, trailers, salters, and quads with 4 foot blades. The tenants do not worry about the functions of their building, nor the regular access areas. We provide a presence and service that make the residents at ease.

Building Maintenance

KellyBoy is 'The One Stop Shop Maintenance Company'. Our top quality off-site care-taking services completely care for the residents needs and requirements. These services include coordinating move-ins & outs, granting amenity room access, dealing with trade scheduling, tenant building access programming, and security system maintenance. Our Quality Control Director takes the steps necessary to ensure each property's needs are well looked after, and all contractors have a detailed scope of work prepared for each job. In addition, we are in a position to offer on-site care-taking as well.

Our other major services, that are also a part of the off-site care-taking, are window & gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, interior painting, exterior painting, snow removal, junk removal, building wash (Soft-tech Wash), and hot & cold power-washing. With all these services we are extremely confident that we will go above and beyond the industry standard to provide the tenants with a high level of living.

Building Wash (Soft-tech Wash)

Our Soft-tech method is the safest method for washing vinyl as we do not use a pressure washer but rather we soft spray (600psi or garden hose pressure) the vinyl and scrub with brushes as needed and rinse with neutralizer to have a neutral ph balance which reduces the attraction of dirt and grime. With our method the building should stay in good shape for up to three years.

KellyBoy History

Kelly Hutchinson, has been in the business of building maintenance since 1975. He has worked hard to build a company that has a reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellent quality work. Employees at KellyBoy Maintenance also share these same values. They take pride in a job well done - working hard to satisfy the resident management of the building they maintain.

KellyBoy Maintenance has stood the test of time. Known for going the extra mile is what makes KellyBoy stand out as a unique maintenance company. It has always been the goal and practice of KellyBoy not only to give an excellent service in the cleaning field, but also to act as the eyes of the property managers. Providing the residents with a well maintained building.

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